Minimalist Makeup Bag Makeup Pouch Bag Kit Bag

Kraft paper minimalist cosmetic bag is a cosmetic bag made of environmentally friendly kraft paper. Its function is to organize and store your cosmetics, skincare products, and other items, making it easy to carry and especially suitable for travel and daily life
  • 500PCS
  • 25-45DAYS
  • 100000/MONTH


Product Description

1.environment protection

Kraft paper makeup bag is an environmentally friendly material that does not contain toxic substances during the production process and can be recycled and recycled. Using kraft paper minimalist makeup bags can not only protect your cosmetics and skincare products, but also contribute to the planet.


Kraft paper makeup pouch  is a tough and durable material. After proper treatment, the minimalist makeup bag made of kraft paper can be more durable than ordinary makeup bags, providing better protection for your cosmetics.

3.Easy to carry

The kraft paper minimalist makeup bag is small and lightweight, making it convenient for you to carry around and travel. Meanwhile, due to makeup kit bag is high softness, it can store different cosmetics according to different needs and will not be inconvenient to use like traditional makeup bags.

4.Natural beauty

The color of kraft paper is natural and rustic, without the need for additional surface treatment, and has a unique texture and charm. Using a minimalist makeup bag made of kraft paper not only protects your cosmetics, but also adds a natural beauty to you.

5.Prominent temperament

Kraft paper material has a unique sense of vicissitudes and natural beauty. When used as a makeup bag, it further highlights personality and temperament, reflecting both the independent character of modern women and their elegant temperament.

Minimalist Makeup Bag Makeup Pouch Bag Kit Bag


Material:grey Kraft paper

Thickness:0.35mm,0.55mm or customized


Lining:210d,polyester,cotton cloth,canvas,or customized

Color:Brown,White,Black,Grey,Blue,Dark Green or customized

Feature:Light Weight,Waterproof,Washable,and Strong.


Sample time:7days


makeup bag


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