Washable Kraft Paper Coated Makeup Kit Bag Makeup Vanity Case

Washable kraft paper makeup bag have good wear resistance and waterproof properties, which can protect cosmetics from the influence of the external environment.The coated cosmetic bag also has advantages such as good texture and smooth hand feel, making users more comfortable and pleasant to use.
  • 500PCS
  • 25-45DAYS
  • 100000/MONTH


Product Description:

1.Coated makeup kit bag is a kind of paper with a fine and uniform coating on the surface of Kraft paper. This coating not only improves the waterproofing of paper, but also makes it smoother, smoother, and more textured. At the same time, coated Kraft paper also has good wear resistance, which can effectively protect cosmetics from external friction and scratches.

2.Coated cosmetic bag is usually designed with classified compartments, mainly to facilitate users to store different kinds of cosmetics in categories, making the whole cosmetic bag more organized, easy to find and use. Here are some common classification partition designs.

3.A common classification compartment in makeup vanity case is the main compartment. The main compartment is usually located in the center of the cosmetic bag and is used to store cosmetics with large capacity, such as liquid foundation, powder, eye shadow, etc. The main compartment usually has a zipper opening to facilitate users to put and take out cosmetics.

4.A common classification compartment on washable makeup bag is the inner compartment. The inner compartment is generally located inside the main compartment to store small items such as Makeup brush. The inner compartment usually adopts a back buckle or a small zipper opening, which is convenient for users to take Makeup brush at any time.

5.Finally, some premium coated Kraft paper cosmetic bags will also be equipped with adjustable sorting compartments. This classification compartment is generally located inside the main compartment and can be adjusted in size and shape by moving or folding to accommodate cosmetics of different sizes. This design makes the kraft paper makeup bag more flexible and allows for adjustment of the arrangement of the classified compartments according to different needs at any time.

Washable Kraft Paper Coated Makeup Kit Bag Makeup Vanity Case


Material: Coated Kraft paper

Thickness:0.35mm,0.55mm or customized

Zipper:3#nylon zipper


Lining:210d,polyester,cotton cloth,canvas,or customized

Color:Brown,White,Black,Grey,Blue,Dark Green or customized

Feature:Light Weight,Waterproof,Washable,and Strong.


Sample time:7days



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