Washable Paper Shopping Bag Double Sided Shopping Bag

When going to the seaside, it is necessary to carry many items, such as sunscreen, beach skirts, sunglasses, etc., as well as a convenient shopping bag. In this situation, washable paper shopping bags have become a popular choice, especially those with printed patterns on both sides. This material and style of shopping bags are suitable for use by the seaside due to their uniqueness.
  • 500PCS
  • 25-45DAYS
  • 100000/MONTH


Product Description

1.Suitable for carrying beach supplies

When going to the beach, people naturally need to prepare beach supplies the most. And washable paper shopping bags are the most suitable shopping bags for carrying beach items due to their excellent performance. 

2. Double sided shopping bags have strong load-bearing capacity and can accommodate multiple items such as beach blankets, beach chairs, and beach balls without worrying about not being able to fit them. 3.Waterproof tyvek shopping bags are a waterproof material that can effectively protect beach supplies from moisture and water immersion. 

4. The material temperature of printed tyvek shopping bags remains stable, and the materials used to create these shopping bags can maintain their original quality in severe cold and heat conditions without becoming hard or brittle. Therefore, no matter when and where, shopping bag for the beach is the most suitable shopping bags for carrying beach items.

Washable Paper Shopping Bag Double Sided Shopping Bag


Material:1443R (90g)Tyvek

Thickness:1443R (90g) , or customized

Handle:2.5CM imitation nylon locking webbing  or customized


Lining:1443R (90g)Tyvek or customized

Color:Black,White,Black,Grey,Blue,Dark Green or customized tyvek material color

Usage:shopping ,vacation,store items,pack laptop,outgoing,put books, etc

Feature:light ,reusable,waterproof,washable,tearpoof,study,school


Sample time:5-10days


washable paper shopping bag



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